Shabu Shabu House

Rating: Two sideways thumbs.  Miko would make an effort to come back and Jenne would not, but with a few slight changes, this place could be great.  And that’s strangely frustrating.
Date: 2/11/11
Time in: 1:45 PM
Time out: ≈2:45 PM
Server’s recommendations: Beef & shrimp, beef & scallop, lamb, pork
What we ordered: Beef & shrimp lunch combo (Jenne), beef & fishball lunch combo (Miko)
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: ≈$28 (I forgot to write it down because I’m a terrible secretary — Miko)


  • They slice up the meat in front of us on a big machine, which is cool.
  • The rice is a little overcooked and mushy.
  • The shrimp tasted a little like dirt.
  • I love fishballs of any kind.  These were not the best fishballs, but I loved them anyway.  (Miko)
  • It was my first time eating shabu shabu, and I was utterly charmed by how the hotpot turns into a bowl of udon.  (Miko)
  • The servers were a little over-involved in the cooking process for me.  I wanted to do it MY WAY.  And also they seemed happy to let MIKO cook her own food!  Psh, I’ve spent more time in Japan than she has!  (Jenne)

Address: 4646 Convoy St, Ste 107
Phone number: 858.268.8648
Accepts credit cards?  Yes
Parking: Private lot shared with rest of plaza — it can get a little crazy, but you can usually find a spot if you drive around a few times.  But the spaces are teeny.
Ideal group size: 2-4
Noise level: 2
Whom not to bring: Small children, people who don’t like interactive food
Chopsticks: On the table

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