Restaurant Index

In alphabetical order. (They’re numbered because it’s nice to keep count.)

  1. A Café: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  2. Angels & Hearts: Harajuku Crêperie: Gold star
  3. BBQ Chicken: One thumb up, one sideways — CLOSED
  4. B.H. Chung: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  5. Bao’s Awesome Burgers & Sandwiches: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  6. Big Joy Family Bakery: Gold star
  7. Bistro Kaz: Two thumbs up
  8. Blush: Two thumbs up
  9. Café Hue: Two sideways thumbs
  10. Café International: ??? — CLOSED
  11. Cali Baguette Express: Gold star
  12. Chef Chin: Two thumbs up
  13. Chilies Thai Gourmet: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  14. China Max: Two thumbs up
  15. Chon Ju Jip: Gold star
  16. Chopstix: One thumb up, one sideways
  17. Convoy Tofu House: Two thumbs up
  18. Crab Hut: Gold star
  19. Crepe World: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  20. DduriBa: Two thumbs up
  21. Dede’s Chinese Cuisine: Two thumbs up
  22. Dokdo Sushi: Two sideways thumbs
  23. Dumpling Inn: Gold star — CLOSED
  24. Dumpling Inn/Shanghai Saloon: Two sideways thumbs
  25. Emerald Chinese Seafood: Two thumbs down
  26. Friend’s House: Two thumbs up
  27. Fruit Shop: Gold star — CLOSED
  28. FuAn Garden: Two thumbs up
  29. Gorilla Korean Fusion: Two sideways thumbs — CLOSED
  30. Grandma Tofu & BBQ: Two thumbs down
  31. Green China Grill: Two thumbs up
  32. Iceskimo: Two thumbs up
  33. Ichiro Happy Japanese Restaurant: One thumb up, one sideways
  34. Imperial Mandarin: Two sideways thumbs
  35. Infini Tea: Two thumbs up
  36. iSushi: Two thumbs down
  37. Izakaya Sakura: Gold star
  38. Jasmine Express: Two thumbs up
  39. Jasmine Seafood Restaurant: Two thumbs up
  40. Jeong Won Korean BBQ: Gold star
  41. Jin’s Pot: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  42. Josun: Two thumbs up
  43. Katzra: One thumb down, one sideways
  44. Koon Thai Kitchen: One thumb up, one sideways
  45. Korea House: One thumb down, one sideways — CLOSED
  46. Kula Revolving Sushi Bar: Two thumbs up
  47. Liang’s Kitchen: Two thumbs up
  48. Manna Bakery: ???
  49. Manna BBQ: Two sideways thumbs
  50. Mapo BBQ Korean Cuisine: Two thumbs down
  51. MARU Lounge: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  52. Mignon Pho + Grill: Two sideways thumbs
  53. Min Sok Chon: Two thumbs up
  54. Myung In Dumplings: Two sideways thumbs
  55. Nam An: Two sideways thumbs — CLOSED
  56. Nozomi: Two thumbs down
  57. Old Village: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  58. The Original Pancake House: Two thumbs up
  59. Palomino #3: Two sideways thumbs
  60. Pangea Bakery Cafe: Gold star — CLOSED
  61. Parsian International Market: Gold star — CLOSED
  62. The Philadelphia Sandwich Company: — CLOSED
  63. Pho Convoy Noodle House: Two sideways thumbs — CLOSED
  64. Phuong Trang: Gold star
  65. Quoc Te II International Seafood Restaurant: One thumb up, one sideways — CLOSED
  66. RakiRaki: Two sideways thumbs
  67. Red Moon Noodle House: Two thumbs up
  68. Rosa’s Pizza: Two thumbs up
  69. Sage French Cake: Gold star
  70. San Tong Palace: Two thumbs up
  71. Sang Deuan: One conditional thumb up, one sideways — CLOSED
  72. Seoul BBQ Restaurant: Two thumbs down
  73. Shabu Shabu House: Two sideways thumbs
  74. Shabu World: Two sideways thumbs
  75. Spicy City Chinese Restaurant: Two thumbs up
  76. Spicy House: Two thumbs up
  77. Sunrise Buffet: Two thumbs down
  78. Sushi Dokoro Shirahama: Gold star
  79. Sushi, Roll Depot: Two thumbs down
  80. Szechuan Chef: One thumb down, one sideways
  81. Tajima: Two thumbs down
  82. Tapioca Express: Gold star
  83. Taste of Korea, 70 Bobcha: Two sideways thumbs — CLOSED
  84. Tasty Bakery: Two thumbs down
  85. Tea Garden: Two thumbs up
  86. Thai House: Two thumbs up
  87. Tofu House: Two sideways thumbs
  88. Tsuruhashi: Two thumbs down
  89. Voltero’s Pizza: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  90. Wa Dining Okan: Gold star
  91. Walmido: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  92. Xi’an Kitchen: Two thumbs up
  93. Yakitori Yakyudori: Gold star
  94. Yes! Pingo: Two thumbs up — CLOSED
  95. Yogurt World: Two thumbs up
  96. Yokohama Yakitori Koubou: Gold star
  97. Yu’s Garden: One thumb up, one sideways


Off-Convoy, Outside San Diego
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