Rating: Two thumbs down (and one down from Sarah)
Date: 9/18/11
Time in: 5:40 PM
Time out: 6:45 PM
Servers’ recommendations: Tsubo kalbi
What we ordered: Assorted vegetables, seafood yaki (salmon, scallop, squid, shrimp, and green mussel), prime outside skirt
Number in our party: 3 (Sarah is the guest critic today!)
Final check amount: $47.99


  • Sarah liked the mussels, and the skirt steak was delicious.
  • It does not come with endless rice, which we now expect from eating at Korean BBQ restaurants.
  • The salmon tasted too fishy.
  • The marinated meat was chewy.
  • It would have been helpful if the vegetables had been par-cooked.  They took forever till they were done.
  • It was frustrating compared to other BBQ experiences — there was just so much hungry waiting involved!  Gah!

Address: 3904 Convoy St
Phone number: 858.279.8929
Accepts credit cards?  Yes
Parking: Shared lot for a plaza — crowded during the day.
Ideal group size: 2-6.  You can make reservations for bigger groups.
Available vegetarian options: Assorted vegetable yaki, organic mushroom, ice cream
Who not to bring: People who don’t like interactive food.  (You need at least one person who knows how to grill.)

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