Sunrise Buffet

Rating: 7 thumbs down, 5 sideways thumbs, 1 thumb up
Date: 2/4/12
Time in: 7:40 PM (Jenne and I were late)
What we ordered: Buffet, tea, Cokes, Diet Cokes, orange sodas.
Number in our party: 13 (Carling, Ryan, Sarah H., Sarah M., Tracie, Elise, Keith, Laura, Gerry, Nick, and Kate as guest critics today)
Final check amount: $15.07 each for the buffet and a soda


  • Carling — Likes: crab puffs.  (Thumb down.)
  • Elise — Likes: crispy chicken, Brazilian beef.  Dislikes: anything with scallop or shrimp.  (Sideways bordering on down.)
  • Gerry — Likes: jello. Dislikes: everything else.  (Thumb down.)
  • Jenne — Likes: egg drop soup, fried fish, seafood delight.  Dislikes: orange chicken and stuffed shrimp.   (Thumb down.)
  • Kate — Likes: crispy chicken.  Dislikes: spring rolls.  (Thumb down.)
  • Keith — Likes: fried chicken, crab puff, crispy chicken.  (Thumb up.)
  • Laura — Likes: frog legs, boneless spare rib, salmon.  Dislikes: lots of overly salty dishes.  (Sideways bordering on down.)
  • Miko — Likes: crab puffs, doughnuts, mei fun.  Dislikes: pork bun, orange chicken, crispy chicken, chocolate pudding (it was sour!).  (Thumb down.)
  • Nick — Likes: coconut shrimp, doughnut.  Dislikes: orange chicken.  (Thumb down.)
  • Ryan — Likes: shrimp on ice, fruit, broccoli.  (Sideways thumb.)
  • Sarah H. — Likes: crispy chicken, sushi, mussels, oysters.  Dislikes: seaweed salad, stuffed shrimp.  (Sideways thumb.)
  • Sarah M. — Likes: anything fried (crab puffs, egg rolls), dumplings, fish.  Dislikes: orange chicken, green beans.  (Sideways thumb.)
  • Tracie — Likes: hoisin clams “but I might regret these later.”  Dislikes: pork bun.  (Thumb down.)

Address: 3860 Convoy Street
Phone number: 858.715.1608
Accepts credit cards?  Yes
Parking: Crowded lot with teeny spaces.
Ideal group size: Any
Available vegetarian options: Salad, doughnuts, soft-serve
Noise level: 3

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