Off-Convoy: Up2Yoü

Rating: Two thumbs up!
First Visit:
Second Visit:
Twenty-Fourth Visit:

Date: 10/10/12
Time in: 7:30 PM
Servers’ recommendations: Honey toast with condensed milk
What we ordered: Honey toast with condensed milk
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: $4.58


  • This dinky, adorable cafe is owned by a couple in their mid-20s (although they look like they’re 18).  They found the beautifully mismatched furniture and fixtures on Craigslist and at Ross, and they painted the walls themselves.  We’ve been won over by how cute this place is.  Plus, it has a nice, cozy, laid-back vibe.  We would’ve come back to hang out, even if it weren’t for the honey toast.
  • But GOOD GOD, the HONEY TOAST!  Because they cut the bread into squares before toasting, each piece is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  It is also drenched in butter, which is always a win.  After eating Up2Yoü’s version, the brick toast at Tea Garden and Tea Station tastes like ashes.  (And we genuinely liked Tea Garden!  But why go there when Up2Yoü is right down the street?)  I tried my best to recreate their toast for Jenne’s birthday, but it was total crap; I don’t know what Up2Yoü does differently, but there must be an art to it.  Jenne and I are addicted.  I might have gone three times in the last seven days.
  • Their teas are VERY sweet. I like the pure white tea (unsweetened), and it goes very well with my toast.

Address: 7770 Vickers St, Ste 101 (Okay, it’s not EXACTLY on Convoy, but close enough.)
Phone number: 619.663.6388
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Small shared lot; there’s usually a space nearby.
Ideal group size: 1-4
Available vegetarian options: Lots
Noise level: 2-3, depending on how crowded it is

2 thoughts on “Off-Convoy: Up2Yoü

  1. Hey guys! Just found your blog. I am really enjoying it. I love the restaurants on Convoy St and love that you are going through and reviewing them. I will definitely be checking your recommendations before heading to Convoy again. 🙂


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