Green China Grill

Green China Grill 5
Sirloin Noodle Soup.

Rating: Two thumbs up (Beston: up; Andi: up; Django: sideways)
Date: 1/8/2016
Time in: 7:00 PM
Time out: 8:30 PM
Servers’ recommendations: Of the two options, she liked the noodle with braised beef brisket more than the soup noodle with sirloin.
What we ordered: 3 noodles with braised beef brisket and 1 soup noodle with sirloin, 1 plate of 4 cold appetizers (cucumbers, lotus root, carrots with seaweed and noodle, and potato).  You usually get a choice of 3, but we begged to try all of them.

Green China Grill 2
These were nice and fresh and quite good, but maybe not as flavorful as Dede’s or FuAn Garden.
Green China Grill 3
Beef Brisket Noodle Soup.
Green China Grill 4
This looked scary but was actually delicious.

Number in our party: 5 (with Beston, Andi, and Django as guest judges)
Final check amount: $45.68
Price per person: $9.14


  • Not sure when they opened, but they only had two options from their menu available to order: (1) the braised beef brisket and (2) the soup noodle with sirloin.  They did also have a selection of cold appetizers.  They should have their full menu (which includes grilled items and beer) in a few weeks.
  • The two options were pretty much the same, but with different beef cut options.  The braised beef brisket was far superior, even though Jenne and I are usually a bit freaked out by cartilagey meats. Super-flavorful and delicious.
  • The broth has a ton of numbing spice in it!  Interesting to have it in a dish that’s not also extremely spicy hot.
  • The noodles in the soup are homemade, and it’s really fun to watch them pulling noodles by hand in the window.
  • The cold appetizers were excellent!  Jenne loved the cucumbers; Miko loved the lotus root.
  • The servers were really nice!
  • This place is so brightly lit and GREEN.
  • Btw, if my limited knowledge of the characters serves me right, the English name of the restaurant is totally not a translation from the Chinese on the sign (老地方).  I wonder why…? Mysterious.
Green China Grill 6
You can watch the lady make noodles!  It’s mesmerizing.

4688 Convoy St
Phone number:
Noise level: 3
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Shared lot
Ideal group size: Any — not one of the craziest ones yet
Available vegetarian options: Zero at the moment!  They will eventually have grilled corn and “spiced beans” (edamame with five spice).  Their fried rice with vegetables and eggs may be vegetarian also.
Whom not to bring: Vegetarians, especially while they have a limited menu.

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