Convoy Day 2016: A New Hope

Being as we are terribly behind on new restaurants, for Convoy Day this year we decided to go to all new places (with one or two old standbys for the sake of tradition).

This is Ronald, our spectacular Lyft driver.  He was our favorite.IMG_7734

We started out at Caffe Bene, the only new place that was open at 9 am. They do a decent honey toast, but their drinks are usually too sweet.


Bowling at Kearny Mesa Bowl–check it out, Dad got a lung transplant and no longer has the breathing tube you might have noticed in last year’s Convoy Day post!IMG_7774

Lunch was at Zion Market food court–everyone was assigned a different shop to buy food from, and all 11 of us shared.


Michael entered a karaoke contest and won an enormous box of dried seaweed!


Then on to O’Brien’s Pub for the traditional afternoon beers!


We were incredibly full after lunch, but I saw someone with these lobster nachos and had to try them.  We were NOT sorry.IMG_7840

Next, the very instagrammable Square Bar, where you can pay extra to get your drink in a little reusable bottle.  I loved their iced coffee but we thought the crepe cake was meh.


However we looked SUPER cute.IMG_7855

Then Great Wow for fantastic giant dumplingsIMG_7857IMG_7866

Quite good soft serve at Bing HausIMG_7879

And finally of course karaoke at Chorus!IMG_7901

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