Guest Post: Convoy Boba Crawl with Christina!

One of our readers, Christina, got in touch with us (wow, that was last year, sorry this has taken so long to post!) and shared her very extensive boba investigation!  
Many thanks to Christina and her intrepid friend for sampling allllll the boba and getting stomachaches in the service of Convoy Conquesting.
While I was driving through the Convoy area, I noticed a lot of boba places popping up every so often. I wondered why there were so many in such a small radius and how many of them were still up and running. I finally decided at the spur of the moment to go with a friend and try all of the boba places on and around Convoy in one day in order to find the best milk boba!
After all of the boba, our stomachs hurt a lot, but we found why some of these places were so popular and what boba we would come back for. I would not recommend doing this alone if you wanted to try it, but do it with a friend, or even some friends, have fun, enjoy the boba, and don’t get boba bloat.

Here are the notes I took while on my boba crawl!

My friend and I tried to be as consistent as possible amongst the places we went which included only getting some type of Jasmine/ Green milk tea with boba if possible. There were a total of 11 places we went to on Sunday.
Camellia Road:
The boba here was really good since it was sweetened with honey which paired very well with the milk tea we got. They offer Lactose free options as well which was nice. There was only one size for the teas there, but it was a flat $5 with tax included. They had % for sweetness and were very good about asking us if the tea was too sweet or not. It was a very nice place, but not too packed since it’s pretty new.
Tea N More:
The Boba here was also sweetened, but not with honey which was a distinct difference. The milk tea we had here was not super sweet even though we went with the default sweetness level. It came out to be around $4.50 after tax. The interior was a nice place to relax and study, or have a chat with a friend. They also had games like cranes and photo booths for entertainment. Their food smelled tasty throughout our visit here. This place would be good for medium to larger groups, but it was average overall in terms of the milk tea itself.
OO Tea:
This tea place was located within 99 Ranch Market. It was pretty crowded when we got there, but the crowd continued to grow. Unfortunately since it was in the market there was no direct seating near OO Tea. This place was distinct because they have mini pearl boba, which most of the other places did not have. We went with 70% sugar on this, which brought out the milky tones of the tea. This boba had the most milky flavor out of all of the places we went to and would recommend if someone wanted milk as the stronger flavor of the two. They also had an ice cream topping for the sweet tooth enthusiasts. With a total of $4.57 for the price this was a very solid milk tea with an emphasis on the milk portion.
M. I. Tea Express:
M. I. Tea’s milk tea was on the cheaper side at a cost of $4.07 total. However, this place is not the right place for milk tea. It was extremely sweet and was more of a sugar water than a solid milk tea. The place was okay, but it got to be a little bit uncomfortable due to no fans in the inside of the building. Some of my friends popped by to see how we were doing and they got their fruit teas and bobas which were much higher quality than the milk tea we tried. I would come to M. I. Tea for fruit boba but not for the milk tea.
Share Tea:
Share Tea was one of the first chains we visited. From what we got from here, the tea was very solid as well. In total our tea, Fresh Milk Jasmine tea, came out to be $5.39 after tax. even though this was more expensive than any of the others, it was a larger portion than all of the others. The fresh milk really helped the drink. We saw on the menu that they had mini pearl boba as well as a sweetness level, ice level, and an option to get an ice cream based drink. I believe they used real sugar here to sweeten the boba here since it had a different taste than the other places. This was a great place over all and the cost to quality was worth it. This place was an average interior with seating for smaller groups with a decent temperature inside.
Kung Fu Tea:
Kung fu Tea boasted about having their own types of tea so we went with their Kung Fu Jasmine tea which came out to $4.05 total. They had lactose free options as well as sugar level, with extra sugar at 120% and ice level. Despite them having their own type of milk tea, a crowd with a line going out the door, and a really inviting interior it was pretty disappointing.  The main note I have on the tea is it tasted more like sugar water despite getting a lower sugar level. The boba had a mix of the white boba and regular boba, which was off putting for my friend and I and did not compliment it well. To top off the boba, it was a little too chewy and coated the teeth weirdly when chewing. I’ve had their other teas before, and I would recommend going their for speciality items like ice cap and their fruit teas rather than their milk teas.
Infini Tea:
 Inifini Tea was the last place we went to before taking a break. They have a large variety on their menu, which is a tad bit overwhelming for someone’s first time in there. We went when is was less crowded which would make it a good studying place for the day or chilling on the couches there, but not so much for the evening when all the people from karaoke from next door come in. They do have a 50 cent charge on cards below $10 so we ended up paying cash here at $3.50. The milk tea was the second cheapest of all of the places. We ended up with the regular amount of sweetness. The tea was pretty pale, and frothy with unsweetened boba. There was very little taste for the tea, but it didn’t taste bad by an means. The tea was average overall, but this would be a nice place to study during the day or play one of their board games with friends and grab a bite to eat.
Tapioca Express:
Similar to Inifni Tea, this place gets very crowded during the evenings from the nearby bars. The total was $3.95 with a 38 cent charge for the boba. What was distinct about this place was the tea itself. The tea flavor was extremely strong in this milk tea compared to all of the others. We got light sugar even though sweetness level was never stated anywhere. While we waited, it was kind of loud since asian pop music was playing and noise echoed easily inside of the shop. We didn’t wait too long though since there wasn’t a crowd. The boba was also lightly sweetened here. I would recommend coming here if you want to taste the tea more than the milk because it’s pretty strong.
Tea Garden:
Tea Garden is both a restaurant and Boba place. When we went in it was pretty empty, but I could see myself coming back for dinner here. Here, we forgot to mention the boba since they don’t add it by default, nor did they ask. Our Boba came out to a total of $4.04. Now we did wait a bit for this one since there wasn’t a dedicated milk tea person. It was very generic inside, but a decent temperature overall while we waited. Once we got our milk tea, we saw that it was pretty light in color, mostly due to the fact that we got green tea. The milk tea itself wasn’t overly sweet despite being the default sweetness, but not too much to say about it. We think it would go well with the food they have their as their pairing. I enjoyed it, but I would probably do their black tea next time since that has a more distinct taste to it.
Boba Bar and Desserts:
Boba Bar and Desserts was pretty packed since it sits right across from Kula. The overall interior was cute with a simple tea menu as well as puffles, and ice creams for their desserts. They have sweetness % sign up front, but nothing about ice level. After paying the $4.30, they were very quick to bring out the drink. The milk tea was very well rounded with sweetened boba. The boba was a tad bit too chewy, but not enough to complain about. I would come here to chat and grab something to drink whether it be before going to Kula or one of the other restaurants as well as in general but not with a large group since it was kind of small.
It’s Boba Time:
This was the final place on our list after walking on and off for almost 7 hours. We were greeted by the aroma of fries and a small line. We ordered our final boba at a price of $3.45, the cheapest of all of them. Now it took a little bit for them to make it since they did not have a lot of staff, but that was fine overall. Their music selection was solid overall and not super loud as well as the overall temperature of the shop. The interior was very nice with an orange theme to it. They had indoor seating as well as outdoor seating, which would be good for small to medium sized groups. However, parking here is pretty bad so it would be a little bit of a walk if parking was unavailable.  Again, the milk tea was very solid overall which sweetened boba and a good mix of the milk and the tea taste. The tea would probably go very well with the fries here. In addition, they have paper menu’s to take and a solid website. I would come back here again as well.

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  1. The city I go to school at has like 10 different boba places in a 2 mile radius (anytime anything closes it’s just replaced by another boba shop even if there’s already one across the street or in one case right next door)


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