Manna Bakery

Okay, so at last I will tell the story of Manna Bakery.  It was such a weird experience that we didn’t really know what to say, but Miko insisted that I at least write something, so here goes…

As you know, part of the rules says that if we want dessert, we have to go to the next available dessert place.  And after our lunch at Dokdo Sushi, we wanted dessert, so we were excited to see that there was a bakery right there in the same plaza.  Hooray! we thought.  We can try some fabulous Korean desserts, whatever they might be!

So we went inside.  Inside, we found what looked like someone’s house, with a large dining table, a couch, and a guy in an armchair with a giant cleaver and a big pile of roots. There was also a woman helping him.  Huh, we thought. Those look like gobo.  (Not a dessert food, as far as we know.)  There were also a lot of refrigerators with what looked like banchan in them.

We felt very awkward, like we had accidentally walked into someone’s living room, but since we were there to conquer, we forged ahead.  So we asked him, Hey, what’s that?  And he said, Gobo.

Then, the door opened and two old white guys came in and looked around, confused, and asked the guy, Hey, what are those?  And we said, Gobo.

The old guys apparently also felt awkward, and left, but we were there for dessert and by god we were going to get something, so we asked them, what do you have?

So we bought something that looked like mochi with kinako, and I (apparently in tourist mode) was like, HEY CAN I TAKE YOUR PICTURE? and then we left quickly, feeling like we had entirely missed the point.  Soooo…we don’t recommend Manna Bakery as a bakery, but maybe it has some other purpose that we’re not aware of.

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