Korea House – CLOSED

Rating: One sideways thumb (Jenne), one thumb down (Miko)
Date: 4/22/11
Time in: 7:10 PM
Time out: 8:21 PM
Server’s recommendations: Family Combo for 3, which comes with Jap Chae and Dumplings, Korean House Combo for 4
What we ordered: Hae mul pa jun (seafood pancake), jap chae, joo mul ruk gui (thinly sliced tender prime beef served with sesame oil sauce mixed with salt and pepper, served in round pre-cuts), sea woo gui (fresh shrimps marinated with a light sweet sauce), dae ji sam gyup sal (sliced pork bacon served with sesame oil sauce mixed with salt and pepper)
Number in our party: 4
Final check amount: $70.47


From Miko

  • The seafood pancake never came, and I REALLY wanted it, damn it.
  • I was thirsty, and water refills were slow.  The server wasn’t very friendly, and I’m getting used to super-awesome service on Convoy.
  • The Jap Chae was greasy, and it tasted too strongly of green pepper.
  • I liked the panchan — the fish cake and potato dishes were especially good.  The meat was tender and juicy, and their shrimp didn’t taste like dirt.  But it all wasn’t so delicious that I’d come back here just for that, especially with so many Korean BBQ restaurant options in the neighborhood.

From Jenne

  • I thought it was all pretty good, although I agree about the jap chae.
  • I wasn’t as mad about the seafood pancake that never appeared. 🙂
  • So I would come back if I was with someone who wanted to go, I just wouldn’t make a special effort.

Address: 4620 Convoy St, Ste A
Phone number: 858.560.0080
Accepts credit cards?  Yes
Parking: Private lot shared with a plaza
Ideal group size: 3-4
Available vegetarian options: Yang nyum tofu (rectangular cut fresh tofu with green onion with ginger soy sauce), tofu salad (tofu and spring mix, served with special homemade dressing), buh sut jap chae (pan fried soft yam noodles mixed with vegetables and various mushrooms, sae ssac bi bim bab (variety of sprouts and vegetables served with a spicy sauce, sesame oil and rice), ya chae twi gim (Korean style, lightly battered fried vegetables)
Noise level: 3
Chopsticks: On the table, along with the charming wrapped spoon.

3 thoughts on “Korea House – CLOSED

  1. Hello there,
    Ihad no other way of contacting you ladies. i would also suggest you girls try the Original Pancake House that is also in Convoy. Surrounding it are other japanese and Korean hole in the wall eateries but would suggest if you want a really, awsomely good breakfast and best waffle ever, do Original pancake house

    3906 Convoy Street
    San Diego, California 92111


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