Sage French Cake

Rating: Two thumbs up!


Rating: Two thumbs up (but Jenne had to be talked into it)
Date: 1/7/12
Time in: 2:20 PM
Servers’ recommendations: (In firm voice) “Everything is good.”
What we ordered: Caramel mousse cake, cafe late [sic], English Breakfast tea.
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: Around $11


  • We know that Sage claims to be a French patisserie.  But it gets a Japanese label because the guy who runs the place is old-school Japanese to the core.  You get the impression that the cakes are his art.  He loves to make them.  He takes great pride in every detail.  For him, the inescapable necessity of selling them and interacting daily with customers must be an unfortunate drawback of being a pastry chef.
    For those customers, he grudgingly makes coffee.  Which is why his “cafe late” blows.  The foam is not creamy.  The cup isn’t even full.  “Why even bother?” Jenne asks in exasperation.
  • However, taking home cute little cakes in a box = a special treat for Japanese families.  Even I get all nostalgic when I see the cellophane carefully wrapped around those pastries, and I’m just barely Japanese.  The main purpose of this bakery isn’t to act as a cafe.  It’s a carryout place.
  • And the cakes are undoubtedly delicious.  I didn’t like the caramel mousse cake, but that’s because I’m absurdly sensitive to bitterness.  I can tell that it’s a well-constructed cake.  To prove it, Jenne doesn’t like most cake, and she was full from lunch, but she finished it anyway. The other pastries looked yummy too, especially because the colors are more natural-looking.
  • P.S. The chef is very handsome, even though he’s so stern.


Rating: Two thumbs up!
Date: 1/20/12
What we ordered: Cheesecake, fruit tart, cafe au lait, English Breakfast tea.
Number in our party: 2


  • We now have a crush on the Sage Cake pastry chef.  We couldn’t stop giggling over him.  Those rolled up sleeves!  The way he expertly pours melted chocolate!  Dreamy sigh.
    Today, there was a lovely assistant working.  She was much more given to smiley customer service.
  • A very loud girl came in.  She clearly had a thing for the Handsome Pastry Chef too.  After flirting with him shamelessly (“You’ve lost weight!  It makes you look younger!”), she chattered on to the assistant.  “I used to be skinny like an Asian girl,” she said, “but now I’m fat like a white girl because of his cake!”  (By the way, she was maybe a size 4, tops.)  “I told him he should put signs with calorie information, but you know what he said?  ‘I don’t care about the health of my customers.’  He actually said that!!”  Jenne and I thought this was all hilarious.
  • Holy mother of JESUS, the fruit tart was amazing!  I’ve never had cream like it!  We think the crust might be made with almond flour.  It was heavenly.
  • The cheesecake was very light and a bit tart, not very sweet at all.

We put in an order for a whole fruit tart for a Valentine’s Day treat!  Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?

Phone number: 858.571.3484
Accepts credit cards?  Yes, but there’s a $10 minimum.
Parking: Crowded lot with teeny spaces.
Ideal group size: 1-4.
Available vegetarian options: Everything.
Noise level: 1 (It’s definitely quieter than our library, anyway.)

3 thoughts on “Sage French Cake

  1. Yes! We are planning a grand celebration of being halfway done at Sunrise Buffet! Email me and I'll let you know when it is–I think you have my email, right?


  2. The chef does seem very serious and into his work. The cakes are really good here. My favorite cake at Sage French Cake is the Elby (sorry not sure about the spelling). Give that one a try next time if you haven't already!


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