Rating: Two sideways thumbs
Date: 1/2/12
Time in: 6:45 PM
Server’s recommendations: Fried rice with shaking filet mignon beef, sea snails green mango salad, free range chicken pho.
What we ordered: Sea snails mango salad, fried rice with beef, Bean curd stir-fried rice noodle.
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: $38.74
Price per person: $19.37


  • We are now nearly finished with the west side of Convoy Street!  Before we go to the last restaurant, we wanted to catch up on any new places that opened after our quest began.  Nam An is a newbie.
  • Jenne thought that the sea snail salad tasted good, but the gray curliness of the snails creeped her out.  Miko was okay with the snails but didn’t like the herb used to season the salad.  We agreed that the fried onions on top were delicious.
  • The fried rice with beef was quite tasty, although Jenne found it a little bland.  The meat was very tender.
  • I (Miko) strongly disliked the stir-fried noodles.  I found it tasteless except for a bitter aftertaste that I found terribly unpleasant.  (Jenne suspects that I’m a supertaster, so most people might not find it bitter at all.)  I tried adding soy sauce to it, but the brand of soy sauce they provided was bitter too!  Gaaah.  The bean curd in it was also too fried — it was hard and chewy.
  • The server was nice and attentive.  He had a very pleasing way about him.
  • We very much like that they gave us our own jug of water.
  • There was a call button at each table, but it was VERY LOUD.
  • Overall, we would always choose Phuong Trang over Nam An.

Address: 4690 Convoy Street, Ste 111 (Plaza del Sol)
Phone number: 858.277.7788
Accepts credit cards?  Yes
Parking: Private lot shared with rest of plaza — spaces available.
Ideal group size: 1-4
Available vegetarian options: Vegetarian fried rice, spring rolls.
Noise level: 2

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