Dumpling Inn

Rating: Two thumbs up!
Date: 12/23/12
Time in: 5:40 PM (sat down at 6:30 PM)
Time out: 7:26 PM
Servers’ recommendations: Sea bass with black bean sauce.
What we ordered: Sauteed greens, sea bass with black bean sauce, small pork buns (xialongbao)
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: $31.61

It’s a teeny-weeny restaurant that’s packed with tables.  They would probably hire more servers if there was extra room for staff to walk around, but there isn’t any.  That means the servers are always insanely busy, so expect the service to be brusque.  They’re not rude, but they won’t fawn over you.
We had forgotten, but Dumpling Inn’s xiaolongbao is CLEARLY the best when they are on top of their game.  If we were very hungry and it was a busy time, we’d lose patience and go to Red Moon, but if we really wanted xiaolongbao specifically, we’d wait in line for Dumpling Inn.  No other dumplings give us the same warm, cozy feeling that we get after we eat a plate of Dumpling Inn’s xiaolongbao.  It’s like the X factor is INSIDE each little bun.  “I could eat 3 orders of these without much problem,” says Jenne.
We take great joy in mixing all the condiments together to make our own special sauces to fit our tastes.
The fish in the seabass dish is nice and fluffy.
All the vegetables in the dishes are bright colors — nothing looks dingy and overcooked.
They changed the lighting from the awful fluorescent lights to hanging lamps!  It makes it cozier inside.
There’s no restroom; you have to go next door to the Korean market.  It’s a little bit gross back there.
You can bring your own beverage!  We recommend this, since the servers often forget to bring your water till very late in the meal.  Or not at all.
There’s no music.  We liked that because we enjoy hearing cooking sounds.
We really like that they give you Starbursts with your check instead of lame-o mints.

Address: 4619 Convoy St, Ste F
Phone number: 858.268.9638
Website: http://dumplinginn.menutoeat.com
Accepts credit cards? Yes, $10 minimum
Parking: Shared lot that’s not as bad as other plazas on Convoy.  Usually, there’s a spot or two available.
Ideal group size: 2-4 maximum.  If it’s not a busy time, you could go on your own.
Available vegetarian options: Sauteed greens, vegetarian dumplings, mapo tofu without pork

Who not to bring: People who don’t like to wait
Noise level: 3.75

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