Convoy Conquest Awards Season! – East Side

We are now done with Convoy’s East Side! And without further ado, we declare the Best  and Worst of the East!
Why?  It is kind of hilarious that after this whole journey and all this work, our long-time favorite still ranks first.  But now we feel extra-justified in loving it best!  Dumpling Inn was the first place we ever had xiaolongbao, and we have imprinted on them.  We’ve had beloved, reputable xiaolongbao in other cities, but they never tasted as good as our Dumpling Inn’s.  We love that they’ve kept it small, because they could choose to expand in a bigger location on Convoy if they wanted to.  Yes, they have their off days, but that is because they actually cook their dishes from scratch.  It doesn’t exactly have x-factor, but it gives us a happy-tummy feeling after the meal.  Even people who don’t like vegetables (cough, Miko, Nick) like the crack greens!
Nominees: Chon Ju Jip, Pangea Bakery Cafe

Best Chinese: Dumpling Inn
Why?  For all the reasons above.
Nominees: Dede’s Chinese Cuisine, Liang’s Kitchen

Best Japanese: FAIL.
Why?  Chopstix, Katzra, Nozomi, Sushi, Roll Depot, Tajima, iSushi…  They are all terrible.
Nominees: Walmido?  But they were just okay, and they closed.

Best Korean: Chon Ju Jip

Why? Has a nice, homey feeling, and the restaurant feels like it’s being itself without stepping down to a common denominator.  The ddukbokki and seafood pancake are the best versions we’ve had on Convoy.
Nominees: Dduri Ba, Josun, MARUBest Thai: Thai House
Why?  We like them, and there are no other nominees.Best Dessert: Pangea Bakery Cafe (Jenne) and Fruit Shop (Miko)
Why?  Pangea has yummy breads (like the raspberry bun!) and they’re open late.  It’s a good place to bring a bunch of friends and talk after a meal.  The Fruit Shop introduced Miko to mangosteens, and they have really interesting varieties of fruit that are not often found elsewhere.  And they happily press samples on you!
Nominees: Pho Convoy Noodle House (just for their tricolor bean dessert)Best Date: MARU Lounge
Why?  It’s more sophisticated than the other restaurants, but it doesn’t feel so try-hardy like Rakiraki.  It’s cozy and not loud, and they’re open late with alcohol options.
Nominees: Josun

Best Service: Cali Baguette Express
Why?  Mitchell Nishimura, who works at the Kearny Mesa Cali Baguette location, is a wonderful human being — kind, considerate, with meticulous attention to detail.
Nominees: iSushi and Sushi, Roll Depot (terrible food, excellent servers), Fruit Shop

Best X-Factor: Friend’s House
Why?  So many cute knick-knacks and cozy nooks!
Nominees: Cali Baguette Express, Chon Ju Jip, Thai House, Convoy Tofu House

Best for Kids: Cali Baguette Express
Why?  They have lots of fun snacks (like Hi-Chew, which is delish), and it’s cheap!  Plus, Mitchell Nishimura is good with kids.
Why?  It was dirty.  The teapot was gross, and there was a BUG crawling around in the cart of dim sum!!
Nominees: Mapo BBQ Korean Cuisine, Nozomi, Sushi, Roll Depot, Tajima

3 thoughts on “Convoy Conquest Awards Season! – East Side

  1. I work pretty close to Convoy but still have yet to visit most of these places! As I'm going through the list though, I'm thinking… you forgot about so-and-so restaurant… until I realize it's not on the specific street side you mentioned!

    I hope you finish up the other side soon so it's more complete! I'd love to see which ones you end up picking! I also like your 'best dishes so far' section.


  2. By the way, I misinterpreted this post initially and thought you only did the east side. You should add these 'best of' posts to the side bar also or reference any other 'best of' posts on here! There are always new places popping up and other ones to revisit so in reality, your convoy quest will never end! =)


  3. Oh hey that's a great idea! I will add them to the sidebar next time I get a chance. In the meantime you can find them using the “meta” tag.


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