Taste of Korea, 70 Bobcha

70 Bobcha 1
Beautifully fried chicken wings…but they didn’t inspire me to obsession, which is what I want in a wing.

Rating: Two sideways thumbs; from guest: one thumb up
Date: 7/19/2013
Time in: 9:05 PM
Servers’ recommendations: Chicken with sauce, boneless chicken feet, stir-fried beef tongue, chicken gizzard, spicy chicken with cheese (considered the BEST), steamed pork, pork hock, beef intestine

70 Bobcha 2
Spicy rice cake — just okay.  We missed the ramen and egg at Chon Ju Jip.
70 Bobcha 3
Stir-fried shrimp.
70 Bobcha 4
Panchan — the thing in the upper right corner was VERY fishy.  Predictably, Miko liked it and I didn’t.
70 Bobcha 5
Corn cheese!  We thought Gorilla’s was better.  This wasn’t sweet enough and the cheese wasn’t all the way melted.
70 Bobcha 6
Toast and chocolate milk — most adorable menu item ever!  We really wanted to order it but we were too full.  We’ll probably have to come back just to try it.

What we ordered: Stir-fried shrimp, spicy rice cake, chicken with sauce, corn cheese, beer
Number in our party: 3 (with Erik as a guest judge)
Final check amount: $50.71
Price per person: $16.90 each


  • The servers were very pleasant.
  • The music was at a nice level, not too loud like everywhere else.  We appreciated that the sound on the TV is off.
  • It had a relaxing atmosphere.  They would have X-factor if they’d wall off half of the restaurant.  It’s too big.  One large portion is pretty much unused, with a few pieces of random furniture and kitchen equipment sitting there. Kind of eerie.
  • I did like the squid panchan (which Jenne pointed out as being very fishy).  It reminded me of baby anchovy tsukudani, which I used to eat straight out of the bag.
  • We didn’t get the dish that was recommended as THE BEST because it had a ton of chili peppers next to it on the menu.  No way could I have handled the spice.
  • The chicken and sauce: the breading was light and crispy and yummy, but the actual chicken underneat was mostly gristle and not enough meat.
  • I thought that the shrimp was REALLY overcooked. (Erik did like it.)
  • The corn cheese needed sugar and a milder cheese.
  • We wanted eggs and ramen in the spicy rice cake!
  • Guess what — this was the last restaurant on our route!  We have finished our Convoy Conquest!!! (Although not really, because a lot of places have closed and new restaurants have popped up, but still, we have made it all the way down and all the way back!)  On Saturday, August 24, we shall celebrate CONVOY DAY.

Address: 4805 Convoy St
Phone number: 858.436.4985
Noise level: 2
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Parking lot with lots of space!!
Ideal group size: 2+
Available vegetarian options: Corn cheese, toast and chocolate milk, spicy rice cake without fish cake?

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