The greatest day of all!

On October 3, 2010, we had our first official meal.  2 years, 10 months, 21 days, and 79 restaurants later, we celebrate the completion of our most noble quest.  And what better way to honor our accomplishments than to spend a whole day on Convoy Street?

Miko provided the necessary uniform:

Convoy Day 1 -  1
We parked in the middle of Convoy and walked everywhere we went.  We logged over seven miles!  Here we are, about to begin:

Convoy Day 1 -  2
First Stop: Breakfast at Cali Baguette Express!

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  1. Arrived!
  2. Here’s Katie, our guest judge.  She makes lots of amusing faces.
  3. We didn’t want to get too full so we started out slow and shared a banh mi. Cajun shrimp with egg.
  4. Me, devouring.
  5. And a sesame ball, because I love them.  (Katie and Miko are not fans of these — they taste a little banana-ey.)

Next stop: breakfast dessert at Pangea Bakery!

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  1. Ready to conquer!
  2. Taro bun and coffee.  Part of your complete breakfast!
  3. We had to take a photo in the FOTO (Fresh Out of The Oven) area.

Second breakfast: Jasmine Express!

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  1. Rawr.
  2. Shrimp har gow and beef rice roll.  The beef roll was even better than the shrimp one that we loved last time.
  3. Look at this adooorable picture of Miko!
Convoy Day 1 -  14
We found this EGGS box very entertaining.

Third breakfast/midmorning snack at Paris Baguette.

Convoy Day 1 -  15
We were just here to kill time before meeting our lunch pals, but we saw this sandwich and HAD TO have it.  Sadly, it wasn’t as good as it looked.
Convoy Day 1 -  16
The saddest face ever.

Lunch at Dumpling Inn!  

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  1. We were each allowed to bring one guest.
  2. My guest: Sarah!  Sarah was a guest judge at our very first conquest, so obviously she had to be here.
  3. Miko’s guest, Sarah P!  This is Sarah’s first time as a guest judge, but she got right into the swing of things.
  4. Ahhh.  What else is there to say.
  5. We don’t always get this dish (fish with black beans and asparagus) but I really love it.
  6. Crack greens!!  Look how shiny and delicious.
  7. I’m so sad that I don’t have this right now.
  8. Katie making another enjoyable face.
Convoy Day 1 -  24
Not quite sure why I took this, but it’s such a typical Convoy scene that I thought I’d post it.

Lunch dessert at Sage Cake!


Convoy Day 1 -  25
We really wanted to take a picture of the handsome baker but we couldn’t possibly.

Convoy Day 1 -  26

Pre-dinner drinks at O’Brien’s!


Convoy Day 1 -  29

Pre-dinner foot massages at Lotus Spa!

Convoy Day 1 -  30

Dinner at Sakura!

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  1. Our dinner guests were Howie and Laura, but we forgot to take pictures of them.  Instead, here are onigiri.
  2. Miko’s (and Howie’s) favorite uni pasta (that I don’t really like).
  3. Everyone’s favorite agedashi mochi!
  4. Albacore tataki.
  5. Another adoooorable photo of Miko!  She is just at her best when holding food.
  6. I think this is still my favorite chicken karaage on Convoy.
  7. Nikomi hamburg.
  8. Tebashio.
  9. Black sesame ice cream.
Convoy Day 1 -  38
Done!  And time for karaoke!

And the complete list:

Cali Baguette Express: $8.75

  • Green tea with boba
  • Iced Vietnamese coffee
  • Sesame balls
  • Cajun shrimp sandwich with egg

Pangea Bakery: $5.72

  • 1 royal taro bun
  • 1 caffe late

Jasmine Express

  • Shrimp har gow
  • Beef rice roll

Zion Market Paris Baguette Bakery: $9.95

  • 2 iced black teas
  • California Roll Sandwich

Fruit Shop: $32

  • 3 coconut waters
  • 2 bags of mangosteens

Dumpling Inn: $51.05

  • 3 orders of xiaolongbao
  • Chinese greens
  • Seabass with black bean sauce

Sage Cake: $24.57

  • 2 fruit tarts
  • 1 caramel mousse
  • 4 iced teas

O’Brien’s: $15

  • 2 beers
  • 1 glass of Chardonnay

Izakaya Sakura: $71.28

  • Uni pasta
  • Agedashi mochi
  • Salmon onigiri
  • Chicken karaage
  • Albacore tataki
  • Nikomi hamburg
  • Tebashio
  • Black sesame ice cream
  • Green tea


We have to catch up on the restaurants that have popped up after we had conquered the plaza already. Starting with the new year, we begin conquering the new Convoy!

5 thoughts on “HAPPY CONVOY DAY!!

  1. Hi Jenne and Miko,

    What a great blog and a surprise! I've been engaged in basically the exact same quest. One Convoy restaurant, every friday for lunch, for almost a year now, and I calculate I'm a little past half done now. I do blog about it, but nowhere near the level of statistical analysis that you managed. A varying number of friends meets every week, and I'd love to invite you: I always post what this week's restaurant is on my blog, convoyrecon.wordpress.com . Stop in sometime – it would be great to be mentored by someone who has completed the journey! And nice wordplay on the title…


  2. Our brothers in arms!! Welcome to the quest!
    We would love to join you sometime–it's perfect because we both have Fridays off.
    Let us know what you're planning for this week or next–you can email us at convoyconquest at gmail if you like.

    Love the banner!


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