In Which We Join Forces with Allied Combatants!

Once again, Dede’s was the site of our meeting with strangers from the internet…but this time it was with the mirror-universe versions of OUR VERY SELVES.

You guys. There is another military-named Convoy food blog, called Convoy Recon! It is also run by two friends who love food, but they are gentlemen instead of ladies, and they are not librarians.  They are however completely charming and cool and have the nicest friends ever.  And live in my neighborhood!  They’ve gotten about halfway through the recon(quest) and were kind enough to invite us to join them in their visit to Dede’s.

I’ll let their write-up speak for the food experience (hooray, they liked both dishes we recommended, even though the cumin lamb is usually better than it was that day) but it was a lovely meal both food and conversation-wise.  We’d reconquer with them any time!

Allied Combatants (1)
Some of the carnage.

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