FuAn Garden

Rating: Two thumbs up
Date: 6/6/2014
Time in: 7:15 PM
Time out: 9:00 PM
Servers’ recommendations: Steamed fish
What we ordered: Cold appetizers, steamed fish, cold noodle, stir-fried potato with green pepper, twice-cooked fish, shrimp with rice crust, mapo tofu, boiled fish fillet

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FuAn Garden 8
The controversial mapo tofu.  Is it good?  Is it not so good?  You decide!
FuAn Garden 9
We wanted this potato dish to be crunchier.
FuAn Garden 10
Braised green beans add a nice balance to the meal.
FuAn Garden 12
Complimentary dessert soup, often offered at Szechuan places.  What the hell was in this?  We don’t remember.  This is what happens when you post 7 months after the visit.

Number in our party: 7 (Howie, Summer, Sarah M., Dorothy, and Mike as guest judges)
Final check amount: $123.01
Price per person: $17.57


  • The steamed fish was very simple and tasty.
  • Dorothy thought the mapo tofu good.  Jenne found it oddly bitter.
  • The green beans were quite delicious.
  • Sarah M. and Miko were, unsurprisingly, all about the rice crust.  Our obsession with rice knows no bounds.
  • We wished the potato dish had been crunchier.
  • We approve of the twice-cooked fish!
  • The cold noodles were also nice.
  • Fu An Garden is on par with Dede’s — it might be a little less oily, in fact.
  • Our favorites:
    • Jenne: cold noodles
    • Miko: rice crust
    • Dorothy: mapo tofu
    • Howie: cold noodles
    • Mike: twice-cooked fish
    • Sarah M.: rice crust
    • Summer: cold noodles
  • Note: I (Miko) revisited, and the shrimp tasted strongly of dirt.  I’ll probably avoid the shrimp dishes from now on.

Address: 4768 Convoy St
Phone number: 858.650.6999
Noise level: 4
Accepts credit cards?  Yes
Parking: Designated parking lot. It’s fairly small, but there’s also street parking available.
Ideal group size: Any
Available vegetarian options: Many!

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