Infini Tea

Infini TeaRating: Two thumbs up
Date: 7/11/14
Time in: 2:45 PM
Servers’ recommendations: Honey milk green tea
What we ordered: Almond coffee milk tea, mango juice (Yes, we were cheating by not ordering the server’s recommendation, but the fact is, with beverages like these, you like what you like.)
Number in our party: 2


  • You can get different levels of sweetness — 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full, or 0. We recommend 1/4.
  • It is charming!
  • The air conditioning feels so lovely.
  • The music is at a nice level.
  • Not too crowded — everyone’s probably at Up2You.
  • The server/cashier is very cheery.
  • They must also have an artist on staff — the murals on the wall look like they were done in-house.
  • We will come back to try the food menu!

 4690 Convoy St Ste 111
Phone number: 858.268.8836
Noise level: 2.5
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Shared lot — decent number of spaces.
Ideal group size: Any
Vegetarian options: So many.

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