Off-Convoy: Dao Fu

DaoFu 3
We loved the tofu in the salad so much that we asked for other tofu recommendations. The fried tofu was so good that we ate the entire block and wished we had more.

Rating: Two thumbs up
Date: 7/17/2015
Time in: 8:49 PM
Time out: 10:10 PM
Servers’ recommendations: Tofu rice pot, chicken curry, eggplant tofu.
What we ordered: Chicken rice pot with tofu, garlic fish, fried tofu.

DaoFu 1
Your meal always comes with a free salad that includes incredibly delicious braised tofu.
DaoFu 2
We were charmed by the adorable soy sauce pitcher and matching salt and pepper shakers.
DaoFu 4
We had to ask for the tofu rice pot to be made with chicken since that wasn’t an option on the menu.  Tofu is not just for vegetarians, people!
DaoFu 5
Me: Miko, what is this a picture of?  A fried hand??  Miko: That was fried fish.  Remember, you said it tasted like fish fingers!  Me: I do not remember that.  But it sounds like something I would say.
DaoFu 6
You also get free ice cream!  I think there was a choice of flavors, but I don’t remember exactly what they were.  We think it was probably pineapple…with mango and strawberry sauce?  Whatever it was, it was good.  I think we went with whatever the tall waiter suggested.

Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: $26.27
Price per person: $13.14


  • The tofu is just so very delicious here. We could eat a mountain of the braised tofu in that complimentary salad. The fried tofu appetizer over a bowl of rice would make a fantastic, ultra-cheap meal.
  • The chicken rice pot tastes like something a traditional Japanese housewife might make for dinner on a weekday for her family. A bit bland, but homey, simple, and nutritious.
  • The restaurant has a nice, cozy feel, with low lighting and Sharpie scribbles on the walls. It would be a nice place for a date.

Address: 3332 Adams Ave
Phone number: 619.281.6888
Noise level: 3
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Street parking only. Luckily in walking distance of Miko’s apartment!
Ideal group size: 2-8
Available vegetarian options: TONS

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