Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

We have reunited with our now dear friends from Convoy Recon for a joint expeditionary force! Prepare yourself for a highly automated, tasty, and extremely kawaii experience.

Rating: Two thumbs up (Gold star potential)

Here we go!

When you show up, you log in here:

Kula 1

They’ll text you when it’s your turn.  There’s even a website you can go to on your phone to see what number they’re on.  This is a good thing because the wait can be over an hour. Try to go at an off hour if you can — we were there at 7 pm on a Wednesday, and we waited about 40 minutes.

You gotta be quick!

Kula 3
Here’s where you can put in special orders.  It shows you on the screen how much time it will take to arrive.

When they arrive, they zoom down the upper conveyor belt and stop at your table, and a lady who sounds like a train announcement says, “Without further delay, now arriving!” in Japanese.

Kula 4
Andrew, Andi, and me!
Kula 5
Django, Miko, and Beston!

A selection of the plates we tried:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kula 6
We think Andrew could have a lucrative career as a sushi model. Here he is, demonstrating the shrimp and avocado roll (Jenne recommends!)

Every 5 plates, you get a little animated movie. Every 15 plates, you get a prize!

Apologies for the vertical video–despite Andrew’s objections, it’s the only way I could get the whole thing in the frame.

Kula 27
Django was not excited about this one.

Kula 28
It’s hard to tell, but this is a tiny sushi-go-round container thingy!

Date: 9/16/2015
Time in: 7:00 PM (seated at 7:39 PM)
Number in our party: 6
Final check amount: $124.42
Price per person: $20.74


  • This meal caused some fits of uncontrolled giggling and cheering.
  • Once you sit down, there is immediate gratification.  Endless food with no wait!  If you want something specific that hasn’t shown up on the conveyor belt, you can special-order it, and it’ll come in just a few minutes!
  • Our favorites:
    • Andi: sesame balls, crispy rice with crab mayo
    • Andrew: wasabi, crispy fried squid
    • Beston: umami oil salmon
    • Django: tempura philadelphia roll, Japanese soy donuts
    • Jenne: seared salmon with mayo nigiri, golden crunchy roll
    • Miko: umami oil salmon nigiri, seared salmon with mayo nigiri
  • I (Miko) am fairly picky about raw fish, especially salmon, which I find has too strong of a taste unless it’s very fresh. I liked the salmon here, probably because they had the sense to marinate it in various flavors rather than leaving it plain!
  • Special-order fried or crispy rice items; don’t get them off the conveyor or it’ll be cold and kind of hard.
  • Yay, warabi mochi! That shit is pretty hard to find in a restaurant setting. Thrilled!
  • We were ENTIRELY CHARMED by the experience.  We had grown a little wary of Convoy, what with all the fancy hipsterish developments, not to mention the drop in quality at some of our favorite restaurants, but this has restored a bit of our faith in our favorite street in San Diego.

Address: 4609 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111
Phone number: 858.715.4605
Noise level: 3
Accepts credit cards? Yes.
Parking: Shared lot, fairly crowded
Ideal group size: 2-6
Available vegetarian options: Dessert? It might have gelatin in it. Edamame, tamago nigiri, natto rolls, cucumber rolls.
Whom not to bring: Vegetarians who want a varied menu

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