Ramen Marathon Pt. 2: Nishiki Ramen

The Nishiki.

Address: 8055 Armour St #201a, San Diego, CA 92111
Date Visited:
# of Marathoners:
7 (Alli, Jayzee, Jenne, Laura, Michael, Miko, Sarah P)

1: I hated it  ♦ 2: I did not like it ♦ 3: I am neutral ♦ 4: I liked it ♦ 5: I loved it

  • Overall: 3.31
  • Noodle: 3.5
  • Broth: 3.21
  • Meat: 2.93
  • Egg: 2.79
  • Other Toppings: 3.93


  • Order: Notorious G.G.G., shared with Sarah P
  • Overall Score: 4
  • Noodle: Decent … I prefer thick noodles. Better than Mitsuwa. 3
  • Broth: Creamy + richer. Garlic 3 ways is great. 5
  • Meat: Smoother/softer/less fat. Not much meat. 3
  • Egg: Yolk was great, rest of egg was only ok. Didn’t come with ramen, had to order separate. 3
  • Other Toppings: Fish cake was better than Mitsuwa. Garlic was great. 5
  • Price: Decent, had to add extra egg.
  • Service: Great.
  • Ambience: Nice. Slightly cafeteria-y but not hipstery so good.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Yes.


  • Order: Nishiki
  • Overall Score: 4
  • Noodle: 2
  • Broth: W/ cream. 3
  • Meat: Tender. 5
  • Egg: It is an egg. 3
  • Other Toppings: 3
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Yes.


  • Order: Nishiki + House Original Hot Sauce
  • Overall Score: 3
  • Noodle: Very good texture + flavor. 4
  • Broth: Pretty good for tonkotsu. 3
  • Meat: Nice texture but a bit bland. 3
  • Egg: A bit too runny and not much flavor. 2
  • Other Toppings: Yay corn! Really liked the ginger. 5
  • Price: Not bad for a fancy ramen.
  • Service: Awesome!! Appreciate the advice and background info!
  • Ambience: Very nice. No frills but stylish.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Maybe.


  • Order: Smoke Bomb Black
  • Overall Score: 3
  • Noodle: Good flavor, good texture, chewy and substantive. 4.5
  • Broth: I don’t like it because it tastes like a roast chicken soup and doesn’t resemble what I think ramen is. 2
  • Meat: It’s ok. 2.5
  • Egg: I would prefer them to be halved because whole makes it difficult to eat with the ramen soup. Cooked to have it gooey in the middle but I dunno why I wasn’t more sold on it. 3.5
  • Other Toppings: 3
  • Service: Great service: Sonny.
  • Ambience: Ok ambience, don’t like tables all together.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? No.


  • Order: Nishiki
  • Overall Score: 4
  • Noodle: Flour noodles. Mostly straight. Well-cooked. 4
  • Broth: Tonkotsu with dairy. Creamy + tasty. 4
  • Meat: Meat was cold and a bit bland. It had “pork stink.” 1
  • Egg: Soft-boiled. Well-cooked, but not flavorful. 2
  • Other Toppings: 4
  • Price: Good value.
  • Service: 5. Waiter gave us secret menu tips.
  • Ambience: No frills, solid decor.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Yes.


  • Order: Nishiki
  • Overall Score: 1
  • Noodle: They are boiled well, but I like them eggier. 3
  • Broth: Found it to be bland. I am not a fan of the creamy. 1
  • Meat: Soft and lean. But where even is the meat? Not enough for the bowl. 3
  • Egg: Soft boiled (but not even particularly well — whites are rubbery). Zero flavor. 2
  • Other Toppings: I like the ginger. It cuts the fat a little. 3
  • Price: Heck of a lot cheaper than Santouka. Santouka’s prices are kind of shocking.
  • Service: Chatty, willing to give us advice on the menu. Last day working here today!
  • Ambience: No frills, clean, not too hipstery. There is literally nothing on the wall.
  • Other Food: Russian roulette takoyaki is good, but I’d like it better without the fried ramen on it. It’s fun to eat it with a big group because it’s like a game! The hiding wasabi bomb isn’t as terrifying as the idea of hot chili. The karaage was just okay, and it doesn’t come with the traditional side of mayo. (We asked for some.) Chicken doesn’t compare to Sakura’s.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Not for the ramen. I’m just not into the broth. Well, I might come just to do the takoyaki game.

Sarah P

  • Order: Notorious G.G.G.
  • Overall Score: 4.2
  • Noodle: Still thin noodles. I like them better than at the place inside Mitsuwa but don’t know why. 4
  • Broth: Starts off salty, creamy + mild. Ends up wonderfully garlicky. 4.5
  • Meat: Not much meat … Maybe a bit too lean and dry. Ok but not great. 3
  • Egg: Egg not included :\ We got one anyway. It was decent, could have marinated longer but yolk was creamy + delicious. 4
  • Other Toppings: Fresh garlic/marinated garlic/roasted garlic chips — all good! Corn, green onions, random fish cake, pickled ginger. 4.5
  • Price: 1.50 for egg. Not bad, but why isn’t egg included?
  • Service: Sunny gave us tips on how to get the same ramen for cheaper, then cracked ramen jokes. Nice work, Sunny!
  • Ambience: Clean, no frills, lots of wood.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Yes.

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