Ramen Marathon Pt. 3: Yakitori Yakyudori

Shoyu + butter + corn + extra egg.

Address: 4898 Convoy St #101, San Diego, CA 92111
Date Visited:
# of Marathoners:
9 (Alli, Jayzee, Jenn, Jenne, Laura, Michael, Miko, Sarah P, Trinh)

1: I hated it  ♦ 2: I did not like it ♦ 3: I am neutral ♦ 4: I liked it ♦ 5: I loved it

  • Overall: 4.21
  • Noodle: 4.22
  • Broth: 3.89
  • Meat: 3.44
  • Egg: 3.5
  • Other Toppings: 3.63


  • Order: Miso, shared with Sarah P
  • Overall Score: 3
  • Noodle: Thicker (egg?) noodle which is nice, well cooked. 4
  • Broth: Good flavor, not exceptional. 3
  • Meat: Nice thickness and fat but not that much flavor. 3
  • Egg: Well cooked but not very flavorful. 2
  • Other Toppings: 3
  • Service: Fast, leaves you alone = good.
  • Ambience: Main room is cool, back room is cold and awkward.
  • Other Food: Fried rice is good.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Nah.


  • Order: Shio
  • Overall Score: 4
  • Noodle: 4
  • Broth: Salt (heavy) with a nice aftertaste. Strong after a while. 2
  • Meat: Good cut of meat. 4
  • Egg: Overcooked. 1
  • Other Toppings: 1
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? No.


  • Order: Tonkotsu + Egg, shared with Michael
  • Overall Score: 4.6
  • Noodle: Perfectly cooked, good texture. 5
  • Broth: Not too fatty or heavy. Nice porky flavor. 5
  • Meat: A little tough. 3
  • Egg: Perfect yolk and seasoning. 5
  • Other Toppings: Good amount of scallion. 4
  • Service: Very prompt, average friendliness.
  • Ambience: Casual, roomy in the back.
  • Other Food: Fried rice is okay, nothing too special.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Definitely yes!


  • Order: Shoyu + Butter + Corn + Extra Egg, shared with Miko
  • Overall Score: 4
  • Noodle: Nice and firm. 4
  • Broth: Yay shoyu broth! Nothing wrong with it, but not quite amazing. 4
  • Meat: Kinda tough but good flavor. 3
  • Egg: Perfect texture, great flavor. 5
  • Other Toppings: No naruto, green onions too big, good menma. Glad butter is an option! 3
  • Service: Fine. V. quick. Businesslike.
  • Ambience: Feels like a Japanese ramen shop.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Hell yeah!


  • Order: Shoyu + Butter
  • Overall Score: 4
  • Noodle: Good thick and firm egg noodles. Solid presence in ramen. 5
  • Broth: It’s good but doesn’t best Santouka. I think the problem is I keep trying different flavors. Hard to compare. 4
  • Meat: Thick pieces of meat. Better than thin, barely there Nishiki. Not as good (at all) as Santouka. A little dry. (Probably because it’s not as fatty as Santouka toroniku.) 3.5
  • Egg: I like the runny eggs and that they halve the egg. 4
  • Other Toppings: 4
  • Service: Fast, no nonsense service … I like! Wait! We had to get our own check. Boo!
  • Ambience: Nice ambience with bar to watch the cooks. The additional room provides a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Other Food: Pork fried rice was good. Seasoned nicely with shoyu + salt. Rice was nice texture, nothing special, but good.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Yes.


  • Order: Tonkotsu + Egg, shared with Jenn
  • Overall Score: 5
  • Noodle: Love the straight noodles. 5
  • Broth: Very balanced. Great flavor. Not too salty, not too greasy. 5
  • Meat: 4
  • Egg: Well cooked. Gel-like yolk. Good flavor. 4
  • Additional Toppings: 3
  • Service: Good. Fast. Done in 30 minutes!
  • Ambience: Good. Back area is spacious, but not as legit-looking.
  • Other Food: Pork fried rice: it was okay. A little bland.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Yes!


  • Order: Shoyu + Butter + Corn + Extra Egg, shared with Jenne
  • Overall Score: 4.5
  • Noodle: Could be firmer, but this is the kind of noodle I like. 3
  • Broth: Saltier than I remember, but I appreciate that they have non-tonkotsu shoyu! So hard to find a decent standard shoyu. 3.5
  • Meat: Bit tough, but good flavor. 2
  • Egg: Yum yum yum yum. 5
  • Other Toppings: Corn! BUTTER!!!! Oh, and the menma are particularly good here. Nice and soft. 5
  • Service: QUICK. Not the friendliest.
  • Ambience: Back of the restaurant is less cute than the front, but more spacious. The huge fridge in the back room takes away from the ambience.
  • Other Food: I love the fried rice. Mix the ginger in, and use plenty of white pepper.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Obviously! Until there’s another restaurant with a better shoyu ramen that comes with butter and a good egg.

Sarah P

  • Order: Miso, shared with Alli
  • Overall Score: 3.8
  • Noodle: Thin with a pleasant chewiness. 4
  • Broth: Miso is detectable but not overwhelming. Feels salty + hearty. 3.5
  • Meat: Nice and thick, smoky with a decent rim of fat. 4
  • Egg: Creamy but somehow not that memorable. 2
  • Other Toppings: Kind of minimal, and I still don’t like this style of bamboo shoot. 2
  • Service: Fast, table service, no frills.
  • Ambience: We were in a hidden back room with a ton of space, but it feels cafeteria-ish.
  • Other Food: Pork fried rice was passable but not great.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Yes.


  • Order: Tonkotsu
  • Overall Score: 5
  • Noodle: 4
  • Broth: Fatty = yummy. 5
  • Meat: 4.5
  • Egg: No egg 😦 N/A
  • Other Toppings: 4
  • Service: Food came out quick. Workers were friendly. Took a while to get the check.
  • Ambience: We were in the back area. Not as nice as the front area.
  • Impression/Would You Come Here Again? Yes.

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