Crab Hut

Rating: Two thumbs up!
Date: 3/20/11
Time in: 5:41 PM
Time out: 6:50 PM
Server’s recommendations: Hot wings, cajun wings, cajun fries, fresh oysters, crawfish, shrimp
What we ordered: Crab wraps with cajun fries, a pound of shrimp (garlic butter, half-medium spicy), a half-pound of sausages (garlic butter, half-medium spicy), a half-pound of potatoes (garlic butter, mild), steamed rice
Number in our party: 3
Final check amount: $31.80


  • The food comes out in plastic bags, and you just peel everything and dump the shells on the table, which is covered in butcher paper.  No plates!  It’s messy, interactive, and fun!
  • The wraps had a lot of crab in them, which we like.  Crunchy and delicious!
    The fries are crinkle-cut.  Nothing special, but fries are fries — always yummy.
  • Crab Hut says they have a Louisiana kitchen, but everyone who serves there is Asian.
  • This restaurant would be greatly improved if they had a hand-washing station outside the bathrooms.

Address: 4646 Convoy St, Ste 106A
Phone number: 858.565.1678
Accepts credit cards?  Yes
Parking: Private lot shared with rest of plaza — it can get a little crazy, but you can usually find a spot if you drive around a few times.  But the spaces are teeny.
Ideal group size: 2-6; they do take reservations for parties of 5 or more
Available vegetarian options: Sides, e.g. fried okra, fresh celery and carrot, potato salad, corn on the cob. Much better place for pescatarians.
Noise level: 3.5-4.5
Whom not to bring: Vegetarians, prissy people who don’t like to get messy.
Chopsticks: Not offered, even with the rice

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