Happy Convoy Day!  It has now been FOUR YEARS since we began our exhaustive Convoy study.  This year we tried to mostly go to different places than we did the first time

This year, we made T-shirts!  And the helmets were once again a big hit. Lots of people honked and waved as we walked down the street.  It was interesting how we felt less and less embarrassed by them as the day went on…

Breakfast at Jasmine.  We started the day with dim sum, joined by members of Convoy Recon: Django, Andi, and Beston (not pictured):

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Breakfast dessert at The Fruit Shop.

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Midmorning tea and books at Big Joy Family Bakery.  (This was planned as introvert reading time, but Katie showed up and we ended up just talking after all.)

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And now, pre-lunch beers at O’Brien’s Pub.  With guest and fierce Convoy Day veteran, Katie!

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Lunch at Crab Hut With guests Howie, Laura, Jessica and Katie:
Convoy Day 16

Convoy Day 31
The Viking spirit is strong.

Lunch dessert: crepes at Angels & Hearts!  (That’s Jessica with Katie.)

Convoy Day 17

Convoy Day 18
We didn’t go here, but we like the idea of a cheery massage!

Now, finally trying the mysterious Korean spa!

Convoy Day 19

Convoy Day 32
Utterly relaxed after having many layers of skin rubbed off.

Dinner at Yokohama Yakitori Koubou:

Convoy Day 25
We would usually never recommend bringing this large of a group, but Koubou can make it work with a reservation.
Convoy Day 20
Sarah H brought Miko a present!  She has an excellent present-receiving face.

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Dessert (and looking epic) at Blush:
Convoy Day 26Convoy Day 27

Convoy 34
Oh Santiago.

Nighttime karaoke at Chorus.

Convoy Day 28

Convoy Day 35
With our karaoke crew!

Convoy Day 29 (1)

And fin.  (Or we might have gone clubbing in Hillcrest.)

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