Cali Baguette Express

Rating: Two thumbs up!


Rating: Two thumbs up, gold star potential
Date: 8/27/12
Time in: 7:35 PM
Time out: 8:27 PM
Servers’ recommendations: #10 Cajun shrimp sandwich with egg
What we ordered: #1 Cali special sandwich and taro smoothie (Jenne), #2 Cajun shrimp & egg sandwich and green tea with boba (Miko), cơm rượu
Number in our party: 2
Final check amount: $16 and change


  • I wish I worked near Convoy!  I’d get sandwiches here all the time.  So cheap!  So good!
  • The restaurant definitely had x-factor.  That’s rare for a chain.  But we really felt like the people who worked there cared about us and their food.  For example, the man at the counter came over to see how our food was.  Can you imagine that happening at a Subway?  Hell no.
  • Speaking of the man at the counter, he was so nice to everyone!  A girl practicing jiu jitsu next door came in to ask for water.  He told her, “You don’t have to ask! I see you guys all the time; you’re like family!”  A lady wanted baguettes, and he went out of his way to get her the freshest ones in the back.  He was also happy to answer all of our (many) questions.
  • We were happy that he gave us ONE personal recommendation.  All too often, when we ask for a recommendation from servers, they name the most commonly ordered items (usually the bland, Americanized options) or guide us through the entire menu.  We just want you to tell us what YOU think is the BEST thing you have!
  • Plus, his recommendation was awesome!  I know I love anything with an egg on it, but the Cajun shrimp sandwich was AMAZING and crazy-cheap.  ($4.50ish? I was too intent on devouring my sandwich to pay too close of attention to the bill total.)
    Jenne’s sandwich was decent, but not amazing, maybe because it was a cold sandwich. We went right before they closed, and at the end of the day, the baguettes aren’t as fresh.  So please note: get a hot sandwich (like the Cajun shrimp sandwich with egg, OMG) if you come here in the evening, since the bread’ll get retoasted.
  • The cơm rượu was “the most digusterous taste that is ever touching my teeth.”  Seriously, it was what I imagined snozzcumbers to taste like.  However, I realize that I hate it because I don’t like the taste of anything strongly alcoholic (except tequila shots), and I especially dislike sake.  It’s not the cơm rượu’s fault.  Definitely not Cali Baguette Express’s fault.
  • Minus points for the TV, especially because Two and a Half Men was on.


Rating: Two thumbs up!
Date: 10/3/12
What we ordered: Two Cajun shrimp sandwiches with egg, plain tea with boba, milk tea with boba
Number in our party: 2


  • We realized we had been back here several times separately, but this was the first time we came back together to make it eligible for a gold star.  So here it is! *insert fairy chime noise*
  • The extremely nice counter guy told us that he does in fact try to match the straws to the drink lids.  I knew it!!
  • Definitely try the meat pies, they are delicious.  Once Miko brought me one at work and I almost hugged her, except we don’t hug because she’s not from California.

Address: 4425 Convoy St, Ste 200
Phone number: 858.278.2525
Accepts credit cards? Yes, $6 minimum
Parking: Lot shared with Chef Chin, spaces reserved for Cali Baguette Express
Ideal group size: 1-4 (but it’s not really a sit-down restaurant)
Available vegetarian options: Vegetarian loaf sandwich, fried egg sandwich
Noise level: 2.5 (because of the TV)

3 thoughts on “Cali Baguette Express

  1. My mechanic is around the corner. He recommended this place, and it's great. I've only been once, while waiting for my oil change, but now I'll know what to order next time. GREAT blog. Love the adventure.


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