Sang Deuan – CLOSED

Sang Deuan 1
This noodle dish was VERY tasty.

Rating: One (conditional) thumb up (Jenne), one sideways (Miko)
Date: 3/27/2015
Time in: 12:43 PM
Number in our party: 2
Servers’ recommendations: Phad lao, three flavored fish, lao papaya salad, golden wings with sticky rice, boat noodle, khao poon num pla
What we ordered: Thai iced coffee, young coconut juice, mee gatee, three flavor fish with sticky rice instead of regular

Sang Deuan 2
The sauce was good; the fish…was tilapia.
Sang Deuan 3
Look at this beautiful beautiful sticky rice!
Sang Deuan 4
Miko wished her coconut juice was in a coconut.  I wished my iced coffee was decaf.

Final check amount: $32.72
Price per person: $16.36


  • They fully redecorated, and a lot of it looked DIY.  They are very into aesthetic details — for example, they used fresh flowers at each table.
  • The noodles were very tasty, with a strong lemongrass flavor.
  • The sticky rice was also good, and the portions were generous.
  • The servers were kind, and the prices were reasonable too.
  • It was kind of our fault for ordering freshwater fish, but the tilapia was pretty bad. The sauce on it was okay, but it wasn’t enough to mask the strong muddy taste the meat had.  Miko: it even triggered my gag reflex, and I couldn’t finish the bite.
  • Miko: The young coconut juice came in a glass, and it was sweetened.  I’d much rather have it served in the actual coconut without any extra sugar.

Address: 3904 Convoy St, Ste 112
Phone number: 858.737.4784
Noise level: 3
Accepts credit cards? Yes
Parking: Shared lot. Not bad during lunchtime.
Ideal group size: Any
Available vegetarian options: The menu has a vegetarian section!

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