Tonkotsu vs. Tonkatsu


There’s a very common mistake English speakers make when ordering at a ramen shop: mixing up the pronunciation of tonkOtsu and tonkAtsu. It wouldn’t be a big deal … if the two didn’t mean totally different foods. Gah, we’ve even seen it misspelled on local restaurant signs!
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Convoy Conquest: Resurgence

Ah, but the only thing constant on Convoy is change.  It’s been two years since we visited our favorite street with any regularity.  In this time, we have bid farewell to a good many restaurants, and now in their place, we have a whole line of new spots to try.

And so we resurrect our old quest and begin anew, in order by location from Clairemont Mesa to Aero and back again.  We went on a scouting mission to locate target restaurants we have yet to conquer, and here are our findings:
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